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Get Faucet Face Glass Water Bottles and keep your water tasting fresh! Faucet Face sells reusable, eco-friendly water bottles. These bottles save money, won't leach chemicals, offer superior taste, and best of all, are better for the environment. Faucet Face Classic Design bottles come in 3 styles, Tap is Terrific, Hose Water, and Hummingbird Feeder. As part of its commitment to providing environmental solutions for the world, Faucet Face donates to the clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA) 2.5% of ALL sales. With Faucet Face's contribution, TMA develops and installs BioSand water filters for impoverished villagers of the Thane District of India; these filters provide a safe water source for households and help to prevent waterborne disease. Faucet Face wants to bring back tap water's dignity. Our reusable bottles let people know that you don't buy into the bottled water craze. Whether you fill up straight

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